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Main Engine Raw Water System Flush


A full raw water system flush, has just been completed on this beautiful 52 ft motor yacht. 

Cooling tubes on raw water heat exchangers, gearbox coolers, charge air coolers etc, can become blocked with scale, various debris, sea weed and pieces of corroded anodes. 

In this case, after accessing the level of restriction, a full flush was decided on, to clean the system. 

In severe cases, various coolers sometimes need to be removed from the vessel completely and be descaled manually and/or by an acid bath in a workshop. 

Generator Raw Water Intake Modified


No project too big or too small  

In this case, the generator raw water intake on this georgous 51ft fly bridge motor yacht, was subject to clogging with sea weed, as there were two 90 degree bends in the sea water line. 

To eliminate the two bends, required the sea strainer to be rotated through 90 degrees and permanently repositioned, with both 90 degree elbows replaced by straight fittings. A simple and very effective fix!

Anchor Windlass Repaint


The Powder Coating on this windlass unfortunately had deteriorated quite badly and allowed salt water to ingress under the coating. The windlass was removed from the vessel, sanded back to bare metal and recoated with 2-pak coatings. The end result is a smooth glossy finish and considerably extended life of the windlass. 

Vessel Deliveries

Robert Bruce at anchor in Eden, enroute from Hobart to The Gold Coast.

I have recently completed delivery of the beautiful 90 foot Cheoy Lee, "Robert Bruce" from Hobart to the Gold Coast. 

Future deliveries of vessels from the Whitsundays and Sydney are scheduled to take place over the next couple of months.

Stay tuned for further updates and photos!!  


Just Listed -

"CORINTHIAN" -  Nauticat 43 Pilothouse Ketch

A S K I NG PRICE:  $ 2 4 9 , 0 00


The beautiful Greenline 48 flybridge that is listed in the "vessels for sale" section, is currently making her way to the Gold Coast and is expected to arrive around the 15th to 16th June.

She will be available for inspection at Sanctuary Cove and appointments can be made by calling Andy on 0414 782 446

Standby for updates and photos!



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