I hope you find this website to be both informative and user friendly and I encourage you to contact me for assistance. 

In addition to brokerage, Andy Diehm Marine provides a "service and maintenance" business, to clients in the Brisbane and the Gold Coast regions. If you are looking for someone reliable to service and undertake maintenance projects on you vessel, please give me a call as I am happy to help in any way I can. 

If you are thinking of buying your next boat, or you'd like  assistance selling  your current vessel, check out the vessel listings on this site and hopefully you will find a boat that interests you, or get a better idea of a listing price for yours. 

Whether it be upgrading, or moving on to another season outside of boating, I offer a friendly, courteous and professional service. 

About Andy Diehm Marine


Boats & boating have been my life-long passion. 

In the tourist industry thru the 70's, 80's & 90's our family company, operated fast ferries and cruise boats to Great Keppel Island  and the Outer Barrier Reef. In the early years, we operated a 46ft - 25 passenger hydrofoil, followed by a 70 ft - 70 passenger Hydrofoil, which was the original Manly Hydrofoil from Sydney Harbour. In the late 1970s we added a 100ft timber cruise boat to the fleet. 

With dual qualifications as a Master Class IV and a First Grade Marine Engineer, I was fortunate in the 1980s, to be involved in the building of three new vessels for our fleet.  The first was a 15m hi-speed passenger ferry in 1985, designed as a fast commuter to operate between the mainland and GKI and to the various other islands in the Keppel Group. 

Also built in 1985, was a 450 passenger, 33m hi-speed catamaran, 'MV Victory' for day trips to Great Keppel Island. This was followed by another luxury hi-speed catamaran, the 35m 'MV Reefseeker' in 1987. 

This magnificent vessel was specifically designed for operation to the Outer Great Barrier Reef.

I had extensive input into the specifications, layout and construction of both catamarrans and spent a lot of time 'on sight' as they were being  built in Fremantle WA.  

I have also been fortunate enough to circumnavigate Australia by sea and have traveled the East Coast extensively.

My other great passion is in helping people find the vessel they really want and  once purchased, I really enjoy helping them get the most from it! 

Learning to operate a motor vessel confidently and safely, is vital to an owner's enjoyment and I have a great deal of experience in teaching and training owners to do exactly that.

Through "Andy Diehm Marine" I offer owners, additional training  on request.

Having the confidence in yourself and in your boat, to head out on an adventure, cruising to places you've never been before, is rewarding beyond words! 

Finding the vessel that's right for you and learning how to use it, is also an adventure. 

Let me help you on your journey!


Getting up close and personal

Imagine putting yourself in a position to be able to have experiences like this! Up close and personal with these beautiful giants of the sea, as they quietly manoeuvre themselves around your boat, within touching distance!

These adventures can change your view of the world around you and give you a different appreciation of life. 

A whole world of adventure awaits!!!


What I can do for you

Buying or selling - upgrading or downgrading - it will be my privilege to listen, discover your boating needs and help you fill them! 

I'd love the opportunity to help!